How To Tune Performance Weber and Holley Carburetors

Are you looking to take your Weber or Holley carburetor tuning to the next level?

This book includes very detailed information on Weber 34, Weber 32/36 and Weber 38 carburetors including recommended idle jets,  screw settings and jetting on performance Holley carburetors.

It also explains how to accurately tune the carb from idle up through wide-open throttle with extremely accurate fuel curves.

How to select the best combination of jets and air bleeds for good economy down low and strong acceleration when you need it.

Check out some of the things we’ll discuss in the book below:

  • We’ll cover quick, easy tips to  improve your carburetors performance

  • How to increase your gas mileage while making more horsepower

  • I’ll share secrets that are surprisingly not found in the manuals or other sites

  • Easy to follow, proven, step-by-step method

Quickly and easily learn how to…

  • Identify and correct the most common problems with Weber carburetors for Jeeps (the 32/36, 34/34 and the Weber 38) without the use of an air fuel monitor.  We’ll cover little known tricks that easily and accurately correct any poor idle conditions on Holley and Weber carburetors with emphasis on initial carb set-up for both stock and high performance carburetors and engines.

  • We’ll discuss how to accurately determine the right idle jet or idle feed restrictor size and how to install adjustable air bleeds for precise carburetor tuning and adjustability.

  • We’ll cover the critical function of  air corrector jets and emulsion tubes and how to use them to fine-tune the fuel curve.

  • You’ll learn a fail-safe way to determine the best power valve for your engine.

  • You’ll learn how to tune the main jets for the most horsepower without wasting fuel.

  • We’ll discuss how to use a wide-band air fuel monitor for precise carb tuning.

  • Torque Tips to make more horsepower.

  • Detailed photographs make carburetor tuning easy.

Using only Paypal now, the download is only $10.00 (yep, 10 bucks.)

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But that is just a taste of what’s covered in the book.  We’ll also go into the importance of the correct curb-idle throttle plate position, how to use the mixture screws to determine whether or not a change in idle jets or idle-feed restrictor size is needed and the most accurate way to dial in the main jets and air-correctors to get the best acceleration possible.

The performance tuning of  Weber and Holley carburetors can sometimes seem challenging, but you’d be surprised at how easily it comes together if you follow a specific order.  This ebook explains exactly how to do it and why.

On another note, once you decide that “How To Tune Performance Weber and Holley Carburetors” is a good investment, any and all additions to the book will be sent to you at no charge.  We’re constantly testing new and innovative procedures and any new findings will be shared with everyone.

Enjoy!Performance Holley Carburetors

Shawn has taken 20 years of tuning experience and countless hours of dynometer research and combined it ito an e-book that is concise, easy to read and gets right to the point.He recently worked with Lingenfelter Corvettes, STS Turbos and Comp Cams on the build of a 1,000 Hp Twin-Turbo, LS3 Corvette.  He’s custom built and tuned many Holley and Demon carbureted small block Chevy street engines in the 500 Hp range.His knowledge of the correct air/fuel ratio needed under different load conditions and rpm was immediately apparent in the fine-tuning of an 850 Hp, Twin-Turbo LS6 Corvette and  625 Hp Supercharged Corvette we did in the summer of 2008 and again in the set up and tuning of an 11 second, Holley carbureted, small block Chevelle in the fall of 2009.”-Ric Davis  Redline Ric’s Corvettes  Coeur d’Alene, ID

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